workshop Michael Ackerman Milano
The workshop is open to anyone, regardless of your level of experience so far, who is working with photography in a personal way. This means using photography to explore the world you live in and your place in it. To explore your interests, your concerns, your obsessions. What is important is an openness, a curiosity, a hunger to learn and a need to go deeper. You can work towards an exhibition, a book, a multimedia presentation. This will depends on your goals and what is the right form for you.
We will meet and begin the work on 13th April and meet again 6 moths later on 5 October to evaluate the results and determine if the project is finished and needs further development. In the time between we will meet individually on line for further consultation and editing.
I will present my work (finished projects and those in progress), my history and my evolution as openly and honestly as I can. I will also present the work of photographers, artists, writers and musicians that have been particularly inspirational to me.
In my workshops I see each person as uniquely individual and I try to understand your vision and the particular meaning of your work. We will review, discuss and edit your projects, both one on one and as a group. I will give each person an assignment based on the work you’re already doing and suggest experiments with new directions. 
My goal is to see the potential for each participant to go deeper in the photographic, social, mental and emotional territories that you’re exploring. I will challenge you to break some borders that may be confining and to consider new possibilities for your work. To see photography as an expression of your voice and humanity and to strive towards a more honest and brave expression. I see the workshop as a collaboration, not a lecture. It's important for me to create an environment in which everyone's opinions and ideas are valid and encouraged. We are here to help each other. I wish that each person leaves the workshop with greater inspiration, freedom and more deeply realized body of work.
Just after the workshop...
After the workshop a selection of the realized work will be printed in a good printed self published form and delivered to all the people joining the workshop.
General informations
Workshop will take place in the Porta Genova area in Milano, both in the Red Auryn and Red Room darkroom spaces, easy to reach by public transports
Workshop places are very limited and interested people will receive info and payment instructions.
Price for the full workshop program is of €480.
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