photography experience Milan

Photography experiences in Milano, Venice and Florence. Starting from the idea with the chance of a fine-art print session...

I have walked the streets of many cities for decades now, a camera was often with me.
This page is about individual workshops, photo tour or photo experience like I love to call them that may focus on street photography in the streets of Milan, Florence, Venice and different other cities. 
These will be NOT class workshops with 10 people, so please forget that way that I don't fit in absolutely. This project is about exploring a space with a personal view that may end in your shots. The cherry on the cake is that we may make a second appointment in my studio and darkroom in Milan where we can dedicate ourselves to beautiful print making of a selection from your shooting.
What we will not do, is just roam around with no idea shooting strangers passing by. The world is full of those pictures, let's try to do something more personal instead, let's plan it together to find a soul we want to let emerge from pour photographs...that comes from a slow observation and from your sensibility. Let's try to think out of the box!
Photography experience
Cities, a way of looking at things by a photograph
For my taste and experience, photographs are a diary. They will betray you and who you are. It's for sure nothing like keep pressing the shutter button. 
This is a gift, too, because it's about developing a sense of awareness about you and your place in the world, your vision and sensibility. It can be a document or abstract, it can be action or emptiness.
What matters is to create something personal, that makes sense. For you.
photography experience Milano
Are you a tourist or traveller exploring a city like Milan, Florence or Venice and want to build a personal vision of your days there?
Are you a local photographer developing a definite project?

Plans can be from a few hours to days developing a serie that may start from a little idea to a box of fine-art prints or a printed book that requires more time. 
We can plan everything together based on your time and needs.
We can plan something like a two hours shooting exploring an area having fun or we can go deeper and take a full day of photography to develop a serie and a body of work based on your desire to explore.
We can shoot digital photography, but if you are an analog photographer and want to make use of a real high-end darkroom to build something you will treasure from your experience in Italy? we are in perfect sync, darkroom print has been my medium since the beginning of my photography...We can end with a photography shooting or we can plan a second day where we could meet in my Red Room darkroom in Milan and create prints or photography book projects. 
Let's go deep in the rhythm of an Italian city and develop a vision!
Just get in touch, let's start from the scratch and just plan what we can build together!
Thank you!
Photography experience Venice
Photography experience in Venice
Let's make it personal!
It does not have to be street photography or unknown people passing by, this is just what it's NOT going to be. I love to see personal photography, portraiture photography of your loved ones, something that really makes sense for you, your life and your experience.

personal photography experience Venice

Personal photography experience in Venice, Italy

personal diary photography experience Venice

Analog photography experience. Diary. 
Scan from original prints, Milan - Italy 2021

The most beautiful prints
darkroom printing experience Milan
It's no secret for who ever knows me that the print part is my main focus and crucial part in a photo-project. Part of this experience can be the chance to work together in a real darkroom in my Red Room darkroom in MIlan with a real silver-salt based photography enlarger on a selection from the shots we have taken together, or starting from your archives.
You can have access to high-end inkjet printers if we worked digitally, or to a real classic darkroom if we made our journey with analog cameras. 
What we will reach will be precious high-end prints that you will treasure, for a tactile and visive experience that will last virtually forever, in a world of fast disappearing smartphone pictures.​​​​​​​
Photography experience Milan, Italy
Photography experience Milan, Italy
Photography experience Milan, Italy
Photography experience Milan, Italy
Photography experience Milan, Italy
Photography experience Milan, Italy
So, how does it work and how ca we start?
From the scratch, as every good project...
We can shoot in analog or digital, we can stop after the shooting and enjoy our results in a call later, or plan a shooting session to finish our best shots on a beautiful paper.
I am based in Milan, Italy and we could plan a shooting and photography experience here, in the rhythm of this busy city, or in places like Venice, Florence and many other cities...
Cities outside of Milan will have travel costs depending on our plans, and in case we may plan a one to one dedicated printing session.
There are not definite prices or quotes, it starts from 200€ for a couple of hours of shooting in Milan, to give you a first and fast indication, cities like Florence or Venice require some travel expenses, then the printing part, when needed, is always based in is to get in touch and make a plan together.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Photography experience and Photo Tour Milano, Florence and Venice
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